Barber and Salon Wholesale Products

                              THE PRESENT


     This is what consumers are faced with when they try to purchase an electric razor or hair clippers from a department store or a drug store in Canada. I have actually attempted to find a store associate to look at an electric razor and ended up leaving the store because I could not locate a clerk to open the locked cabinet.

     If a customer is able to locate a clerk, it doesn’t get any easier! They have no knowledge of electric razors or hair clippers and the only thing they can provide is access to the locked cabinet. If you have questions, they have no answers other than reading the box which anyone can do on their own.

The bottom line is that electric razors and hair clippers that are purchased at retail are done so without any actual store knowledge of the product they are selling.    So, who are the experts on hair cutting?     YOU ARE!!!!!!!!

                              THE FUTURE


There is a tremendous opportunity for salons and barber shops to become the destination for consumers who are looking for electric razors and hair clippers. Advantages for consumers are numerous:

  • In-house expertise on hair removal
  • No locked cabinets
  • Razors will be merchandised out of their respective boxes in display stands, which will allow consumers to hold the razor, turn it on, etc. In the post-Covid world, there will be an opportunity for consumers to actually try the product before purchasing!
  • The products we have sourced for you are unique and will lead the market in value per dollar. We have tested these products over the last year at both salons and directly with consumers. The results of this testing has eliminated 25 individual razors and hair clippers that were sourced from various manufacturers. The products you will sell are the definitive winners of our research.

Our Products:


4D Rotary Shaver

 This rotary shaver is packed with features:

- Cordless

- Quick charging

-Face shave, beard trimmer, nose trimmer and facial cleanser


-Five way floating cutters

-LED Intelligent Display System

-Ergonomic streamlined fuselage

-Non slip diamond surface

-Comfort adjustment control

-Usage power LED Display

-Battery Power Indicator

-Auto blade grinding - sharpens while you shave

Our rotary shaver is priced well below any comparable rotary shavers in the market.

 * I have owned 8-10 electric shavers in my life (okay, I'm old!). This shaver is the best shave I have ever had. I have always used a razor and a trimmer system as I have a goatee which requires regular trimming. With this shaver, I do not need an additional trimmer as the attachments take care of all of my shaving needs. It is also the coolest looking shaver I have owned! Tom

Suggested Retail: $99.95


Rechargeable Electric Razor 

Sideburns Cutter

Rounded edges for smooth shaving experience

Stainless Steel outer foil for long lasting shaving performance

Double Blades

Floating heads for a close shave

Extra cutting blade and foil included

Cordless with UBC interface

3D Facing Trimmer

Blade washing

Lightweight Fuselage

Quiet Running

Suggested Retail: $54.95


The Baldie

  • 7 Head Shaver
  • Hair Trimmer Blade with Attachments
  • Nose Hair Trimmer
  • Facial Scrub Brush
  • Facial Massager
  • Waterproof
  • This razor was tested by my ex brother in law (he tested two different units)...He loves it!  and says it cuts as close as a blade!

                             Suggested Retail: $99.95




 Aviation Aluminum Alloy Hair Clipper

-Carbon Steel Cutter

-LED Battery Display

-Charging Base

-Adjustable Blade

-Lithium Battery: 2 hour charge time

 Charging Stand

LED Battery Display

1400 mAh Battery

Suggested Retail: $59.95


 Ear, Nose,Eyebrow and Hair Trimmer

Our Grooming Kit includes:

Nose Trimmer

Beard Trimmer

Hair Trimmer

Eyebrow Trimmer

This trimmer includes batteries and Display stand

Suggested Retail $24.95




Wholesale Prepack:

4 Ear, Nose, Eyebrow and Hair Trimmer